Technical Writing

I communicate your technical knowledge to your customers.

Your engineers, marketers, sales, and support people all have specialized knowledge of your products. My task is to communicate that knowledge in a concise, clear, and professional manner to people who don't yet know it. The format can vary, depending on who your customers are and where they use the documentation. I focus on delivering accurate knowledge and complete knowledge.

My specialty is writing about software APIs, especially for mobile systems. I have 10 years experience as a technical writer, combined with a strong background in software engineering. I write sample applications, tutorials, training classes, and developer guides. I also train technical professionals to be better communicators!

My current interests also include the emerging field of Developer Experience (DX). To make your product successful, you need engaged customers, which requires more than just documentation. Do you really understand developers and their needs? Does what you offer them match your understanding?

If you share any of my interests, contact me at I'm particularly interested in hearing about your experiences with DX.

Read my blog Beyond The Book.

Joe Malin

[FSF Associate Member]

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